A woman after learning about our warehouse management solutions.

Warehouse Management Solutions

PathGuide offers best-of-breed warehouse management solutions that make distribution businesses run better. It’s that simple. Working together, we’ll gain a solid understanding of the key drivers to your business and where you want to take it moving forward. We’ll work alongside you to derive a conservative ROI. You’ll know right away if Latitude WMS will be one of the best investments for your business. If it’s not, we won’t hesitate to tell you.

Let’s talk growth

Growth is great. That is, until it starts to get in the way of your ability to get goods to the customer accurately and on time. Latitude WMS gives you the power to grow your business while reducing labor costs.

Our solutions not only eliminate the need for tribal knowledge, it converts it to company property. And, Latitude’s built-in employee performance metrics help establish realistic and manageable levels of employee accountability. How? By giving full visibility into warehouse operations. Understanding performance is important, and this means you no longer have to rely on the subjective opinions of others to know what’s really going on.

It’s pretty gratifying to watch efficiencies go up as stress levels go down because we give warehouses and DCs the tools to do what they do best as they evolve at their own pace. We even offer consulting services and system audits to make sure you’re using Latitude to its fullest capability.

Our software is user-centric, yet flexible enough to scale with you as your operation grows. Whether it be improving picking and shipping rates, reducing inventory, improving inventory accuracy, or advanced functions, PathGuide sees the warehouse as a crucial cog in the supply chain machine. It needs to run smoothly to keep your business profitable.

Numbers don’t lie

From inventory discrepancy values to employee labor costs, our warehouse management solutions will save you money. By managing inventory more efficiently and in real time, your organization will reduce unnecessary overstock caused by duplicate purchases or lost goods.

Paper-based systems are slow and prone to an unacceptable number of errors, leading to customer frustration and additional costs. Just one mistake in daily warehouse activities can cost minutes of productive time. With increased productivity, near-perfect accuracy, detailed employee performance metrics, and a much shorter paper trail, Latitude WMS gives you the ability to vastly improve your operations.

No matter the size of your warehouse or DC, Latitude WMS allows you to standardize processes across your organization while allowing for location-by-location differences in material handling. The end result will be the highest possible rates for employee productivity and accuracy – and lower total cost of ownership.

Your ideal WMS partner

Learn more about Latitude WMS hardwareimplementationtraining, and ERP interfaces. To learn what real product users have to say, click here.

Vendor Managed Inventory

PathGuide’s Advanced VMI solution provides full inventory control and order management, including visibility to shelf life requirements and detailed traceability.

A team using our warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System

Choosing the best warehouse management system for your distribution business requires careful thought. Built for scalability, Latitude WMS is robust, yet very user-centric.

Latitude Core WMS

Warehouse and DC employees find Latitude Core WMS is easy to learn because it injects warehouse intelligence to your existing ERP system.

Latitude Manifest & Shipping System

Manifest & Shipping Software

LMS is PathGuide’s shipping software that automates the process of finding the most affordable shipping options for your distribution business.

Warehouse Management Consulting Services

Warehouse Consulting Services

Our consulting services will improve your warehouse logistics. After working with our team, you’ll understand what to expect with your own WMS training and implementation.