Automate Warehouse Picking

Error-free Picking with Latitude WMS

Warehouse picking with Latitude WMS helps your employees pick orders more efficiently, whether by route, zone, batch order, batch-within-zone, FIFO, or lot. Orders are automatically imported from your host system which Latitude WMS optimizes order to ensure fast customer order fulfillment.

Latitude customers have reported drops in errors of up to 93% after WMS implementation which, to some operations, could mean a reduction in staff.

What it does:

  • Automates customer orders, transfers, production orders, and vendor returns
  • Manages priorities including “customer waiting” and “will call”
  • Ensures pick accuracy of each item with “Scan/Confirm”
  • Directs multiple users to pick orders simultaneously within separate zones or areas
  • Captures lot numbers and serial numbers
  • Allows for other than the requested quantity
  • Offers paperless or paper-initiated picks
  • Automates picking of raw material for kits or assemblies
  • Prompts user for picking, staging and consolidating pick and holds

Latitude WMS also supports voice-picking capabilities. Click here to learn more. We provide a complete approach uniquely designed for each distributor, including consulting services, integrated software and hardware solutions, and ongoing training and support. Distributors of all sizes are benefiting from Latitude WMS.

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