Cycle Count Planning with Latitude WMS

Cure Your PI Pain with Cycle Count Planning

The traditional physical inventory approach (shut down operations, count inventory, audit counts, and recount inventory) can be highly disruptive to your warehouse operations. Latitude’s Cycle Count Planning gives you greater inventory accuracy and auditing compliance – without shutting down your warehouse for days at a time.

Develop counting schedules that systematically verify item quantities. By selecting subsets of inventory (and counting them on a frequent basis), operations continue as usual and misplaced items are quickly identified.

Just like general cycle counting, Cycle Count Planning allows multiple part numbers in bin locations, if that is how your items are organized. Cycle counting verifies that item locations and quantities are correct, and provide real time inventory updates.

In addition, Latitude’s Cycle Count Planning modules helps you set up cycle counts based on item velocity, bin location, specific vendors, etc. You get detailed reports (any time!).

Latitude customers have been able to satisfy accounting/auditing requirements for inventory control using this module, meaning that they can eliminate year-end inventory procedures altogether!

Cycle Count Planning with Latitude WMS