Warehouse Management Benefits

What are the top 5 benefits of Latitude WMS?

Let’s be honest, you want to know the benefits and understand the reason why most businesses invest in a warehouse management system is to increase sales, and that is exactly what Latitude WMS does. Latitude WMS improves sales, period.

But increased profits are the final destination, how you get there is part of what makes a WMS such an important product for distributors. You don’t earn more simply by selling more – you earn more by selling faster, more accurately. You earn more with happier customers.

Top 5 benefits of the Latitude WMS that helps you achieve your goals:

1. Constant Real-Time Inventory Control

With Latitude WMS, distributors and wholesalers know exactly what’s in the warehouse, where it’s located, and when it needs to be replenished, all the time. Latitude WMS facilitates cross-training among warehouse functions, eliminating your need for “tribal knowledge.”

2. Improved Customer Service

Your warehouse is integral to your customers’ buying experience. Will the products your customers need be in stock? Will customers get what they ordered, when and where they need it? For distributors using PathGuide’s Latitude WMS, the answer is yes. By improving picking accuracy, shipments are done right the first time. Consistent error-free shipments mean happy and loyal customers.

Latitude also assists by delivering accurate order promise dates and on time shipment of orders. With Latitude WMS you can:

  • Increase accuracy and reduce customer service calls
  • Allow your customer service reps to track and trace orders
  • Check the status of orders in real-time online

3. Increased Productivity

Distributors using Latitude WMS have found that real-time warehouse management allows existing warehouse people to crank out more work in less time. The system also gives them better inventory control so they can stock more of what’s hot and less of what’s not.

They get more out of every dollar they spend on labor, and have a higher return on every square foot of warehouse space. New employees are significantly easier to train, and existing employees don’t want to look back once they’ve used Latitude.

4. Lower Overhead

With the efficiencies Latitude WMS brings, your company can maximize your existing workforce to pick/receive more lines in less time, without hiring additional staff. Latitude customers report reductions in picking staff ranging from 15 to 60 percent. And with fewer errors and faster fulfillment, customer inquiries are reduced and distributors are able to maintain smaller customer support teams.

5. Seamless ERP Integration

Latitude WMS is fully compatible with your existing host business system so you maintain the way you do business, without reinventing infrastructure, systems or procedures. Latitude’s open architecture is configured to allow changes as your business needs grow and as operating systems evolve and require portability.

Latitude integrates seamlessly with all major ERP business systems including Epicor: Prophet 21, Eclipse, Eagle and Acclaim, as well as Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, J.D. Edwards, Oracle, SAP, and more.

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