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Reasons to Choose Latitude WMS Over ERP

Standalone Warehouse Management Systems: Why Choose One?

Many Enterprise Resource Systems include a “free” WMS with purchase. This might seem like a good idea initially (think of the savings, right?), but talk to users of these tack-on warehouse management systems, and you’ll find customers who are displeased with the lack of WMS features offered by ERP vendors. Some of these customers turn to Latitude WMS, a full-featured warehouse management solution backed by stellar support and personalized engineering teams.

Here’s why users of a “built-in” WMS start searching for the best bolt-on warehouse management systems like Latitude WMS.

1. ERP Systems Are Limited

Why invest in a WMS when your ERP already offers you some reports and tables, too? ERPs are great for the world of purchasing and sales, but warehouse management systems live in the physical world of receiving, storing, and shipping goods. A solid WMS functions as a set of checks and balances against your ERP, making sure that you always know what’s in your warehouse, exactly where it is, and who’s handling it – in real-time.

2. Hard-to-Change ERPs

When an ERP vendor creates a WMS “solution”, that particular WMS is tied to their specific ERP. What happens when you want to change your ERP?

Seamless ERP Integration Latitude integrates with all major ERP platforms, including Activant, Oracle, SAP, JDE, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics and others, making WMS implementation a breeze. PathGuide’s Latitude WMS not only works with all major ERP systems, but we also include free lifetime upgrades to the latest version of our software.

3. ERPs Aren’t About Warehouses

ERP vendors are concerned with what ERPs do best – tracking sales and orders. They aren’t necessarily as good at knowing how a warehouse should operate. They don’t know the ins and outs of how a great warehouse needs to run. You need warehouse experts for that kind of detail.

Look to Latitude WMS

Latitude WMS is a broad application with deep functionality that is backed by a team of dedicated support personnel and software engineers whose job is to tailor our solution to meet your business needs. From warehouse consulting to advanced training, our people will ensure that your company is able to fully embrace one of the leading warehouse management systems on the market today.

Request a demo, or call us today at 1.888.627.9797 to learn how Latitude WMS can help your distribution business succeed.