Latitude Cycle Counting

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Latitude WMS Cycle Counting verifies item locations and quantities, in real-time and during normal business hours. Cycle counting can improve your inventory accuracy in excess of 99%. We know, because our customers have achieved it, including Royal Products, a long-time PathGuide customer.

Cycle counting eliminates the paper-driven inventory process provided by your host system because it operates in real-time, and specifically takes bin location into account.

Cycle counting offers the opportunity to do away with year-end inventory, a costly process that can stall business for days.

Latitude Cycle Counting:

  • Allows multiple part numbers in a bin location
  • Integrates with picking when bin quantity falls below threshold
  • Can be coordinated by item velocity, bin, vendor, etc.
  • Provides inventory exception reports and host update
  • Provides detailed reporting for a historical view of cycle count jobs

How does cycle counting work?

Cycle counting is simple – a manager or warehouse employee can launch a cycle count job from a handheld scanner. Cycle count jobs can be ad hoc (on the spot), or planned. The user then counts the items in a bin location, enters the quantities into the scanner, and is notified of any discrepancies. If none are found, then the bin count is finished. If inventory discrepancies are located, then the user is asked to verify the amount, and the system is updated accordingly.

This method means that inventory counts can take place at any time, all around your warehouse. Rather than counting the entire contents of a warehouse over the course of a weekend (or a week), bin contents and quantities are continually updated throughout the year, giving you a constantly-updated set of inventory data.

Cycle Count Planning with Latitude WMS

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