Latitude WMS Version 10.0.119 and LMS 4.0.120

Product Highlights, Plus More …

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Manager’s Tools

  • New: More Metrics
    • The Latitude WMS Performance Metrics module just got better because it can now display actual productivity hours compared with standard hours established for each transaction type to see if efficiencies are above, at or below standard. Brilliant.
  • New: Direct Metrics Transactions
    • Locate master load and move item are now considered direct metric transactions (instead of indirect work) for tracking performance to standards.

Order Fulfillment

  • New: Country of Origin Restrictions
    • Knowing a customer’s restrictions on where a product is manufactured is important. During picking, the user will be directed to pull only inventory for non-restricted countries of origin unless there is no available inventory found. If there is no available inventory found, the user will still be presented with a pick for a restricted country of origin, but will be warned that the pick is not compliant, allowing for an override, as needed.
  • New: Packing Metrics for Pre-cartonization
    • Allow us to introduce two new pre-cartonization packing metrics: 1) “PACK-BREAK” will track single line non e-Commerce orders, and 2) “ECOMPACK-BREAK” will track single line e-Commerce orders.

Shipping & Manifesting

  • New: Carrier Logo List
    • Two new logos have been added to the carrier list. Which ones? Canada Post and Cardinal Carriers.
  • New: Private Insurance Rate Schedule
    • LMS now supports floor and ceiling (min and max) values to the private insurance rate schedule.
  • New: Alternate Return Service Ship To
    • You’ll now have access to a new alternate return service ship to address to the Latitude WMS branch record for use with the Latitude Manifest & Shipping System return services through Latitude WMS.

Inventory Control

  • New: Pick & Putaway Notices
    • Communication is key, so that’s why we’ve added helpful pick and putaway notices at the item branch level for primary and secondary bins.
  • Enhancement: Advanced Shipping Notices Receiving
    • This one’s a biggie! Latitude Web ASN review forms are now branch specific. A new ASN status review form was created to easily view ASNs by status (error, open, complete). This enhancement will provide easy visibility of ASN line errors and the number of total errors, for your branch only. Also, import errors can be edited on the Latitude web, allowing for correction of the ASN with Latitude WMS itself. Lastly, a new XML Import file layout was created as an alternative to the current format. This will allow for import of additional supporting fields such as shipment date, carrier and SCAC, and associated bill of lading and pro number.
  • Enhancement: Vendor Over Receiving Approvals
    • A new vendor level option was created to require supervisor approval prior to over receiving a line item on a vendor PO. Where to set the approval is up to you. You may want to require it at the point of over receipt – or you may prefer to require it at the time of receipt job opening. This feature is included with this version upgrade and will be available within the next few weeks.

System Admin. & IT

  • New: Android OS Support for Remote VMI Order Entry
    • A new Android-based batch order entry app has been developed, replacing the current Windows Mobile option, for Latitude’s Advanced VMI module. This feature is included with this version upgrade and will be available within the next few weeks. An IOS option is coming soon.
  • Enhancement: Password Management
    • Latitude will now be able to manage RF terminal sign-on separately from the Latitude Web sign-on when using active directory integration. We’ve simplified RF terminal passwords while maintaining single sign-on, active directory integration, on Latitude web. Finally, password complexity has also been enhanced with a new mode that drives escalated password requirements. This feature is included with this version upgrade and will be available within the next few weeks.
  • Enhancement: Active Directory Security
    • We take security seriously. That’s why it was important to us to define a separate active directory domain and user id with a Latitude user record when integrating system authentication with Windows active directory accounts. This feature is included with this version upgrade and will be available within the next few weeks.

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