WMS and TMS: PathGuide Weighs In

How WMS and TMS Providers are Offering More Options and Better Tools

Who doesn’t want to meet (or exceed) order fulfillment while optimizing their processes? Exactly. Evaluating carriers is a lot easier when you have the data to measure and track dock scheduling. This kind of insight provides real negotiating power and helps you plan more effectively and efficiently.

How long does it take to unload deliveries? Are vendors coming in late, on time, or early? Are trucks idling for extended periods while waiting for bays to open up? Many warehouses and DCs schedule deliveries using an Excel spreadsheet or a whiteboard, or they just “wing it” and hope that a dock door will be free when a truck arrives.

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Latitude WMS integrates seamlessly with all major ERP business systems including Epicor: Prophet 21, Eclipse, Eagle and Acclaim, as well as Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, J.D. Edwards, Oracle, SAP, and more!

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