Buffet of Benefits With Latitude WMS

PathGuide’s Latitude WMS Serves Up a Buffet of Benefits to Jensen Distribution Services

Prior to partnering with PathGuide Technologies, Jensen Distribution was using a homegrown, legacy system that fell short when it came to future growth, efficiencies and accuracy. Read more to learn how Latitude WMS gave them the functionality they needed to go from paper to system-driven processes – and the buffet of benefits they immediately experienced.

PathGuide’s enterprise-grade Latitude Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers advanced system features and customization that will provide your business with the tools necessary to expand sales, improve customer service and outperform the competition. Our WMS encompasses beyond the four walls of your warehouse or DC, and embraces the flexibility unique to your business. Get your warehouse or distribution center up and running with Latitude WMS and see the benefits, just like Jensen Distribution and many other customers.

Take the first step and call us at 1.888.627.9797 or request a customized demo today to learn how Latitude WMS can help your distribution business succeed. Trust us, you’ll be happy with our solution and our people. Or, see what our customers have to say on the matter by reading real product reviews from verified Latitude WMS users . You’ll be glad you did!