Reasons to invest in a WMS now vs. later.

Reasons Why Your Company Needs a WMS

Reasons To Invest in a WMS?

We’ll give you five. Most companies researching a WMS have good reasons they’re doing so. They know they need increased order accuracy, faster picking and receiving times and tighter inventory control.

What about the other equally compelling reasons that aren’t so obvious that should influence the decision to invest in a WMS? Click here to read five examples that just begin to scratch the surface on how a WMS brings discipline and efficiency to warehouse operations.

PathGuide’s software and services help suppliers increase productivity and order accuracy, improve customer service and lower labor costs, ultimately driving greater profitability. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with all major ERP business systems including Epicor: Prophet 21, Eclipse, Eagle and Acclaim, as well as Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, J.D. Edwards, Oracle, SAP, and more.

If it’s high time to consider a WMS or an upgrade of your own, simply request a free demo, or call us today at 1.888.627.9797 to learn how Latitude WMS can help your distribution business succeed. Trust us, you’ll be happy with our solution and our people. Or, see what our customers have to say on the matter by reading real product reviews from verified Latitude WMS users.