wire spools

Electrical Distribution

Electrical distribution warehouses stock everything from small, inexpensive switches to huge spools of costly, heavy wire. And, if you aren’t properly controlling your electrical inventory with a good WMS solution, you’re losing thousands of dollars per year in mismanaged inventory.

Latitude Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives you serious control over your inventory. No more back-ordering copper wire because of miscalculated spool counts. No more missing cut-off times for shipments because you couldn’t find the last order from UPS.

With Latitude WMS, you get information that’s accurate and readily accessible, so you can:

  • Perfect wire management with our Wire Cutting Management Module
  • Significantly reduce overstock/fear stock, back orders
  • Improve customer service
  • See how fast your crew picks, packs and ships orders
  • Keep track of recalled items with lot control

Are you struggling with remnants and visibility into cut wire management in your operations? Watch our Wire Cutting Management video to see how Latitude WMS automates the process for electrical distributors of all shapes and sizes, reducing errors and saving time. Cut wire management doesn’t have to be hard. Trust us to show you why.

Our Electrical Distributor Customers

The employees at E.B. Horsman & Son will tell you how Latitude WMS is simple to use yet comes with powerful functionality and tools that empower them to do their jobs even better. Watch this video to learn more!