Read what real product users have to say about PathGuide’s software solutions and services.


“PathGuide has set the bar for what it means to be a good partner and technology vendor. Whenever we consider bringing on a new technology vendor, we mentally compare the new vendor with PathGuide to help guide our decision. Having a technology vendor that is a true partner and not just a company that sells you software is critical to helping grow and evolve.”

Kyle Sutter – Fisheries Supply

“The use of inventory metrics to track and supplement the company’s replenishment strategy is just one example of how we’ve benefited from Latitude WMS. Each warehouse is now able to fine tune inventory levels for each SKU by setting minimum and maximum product amounts. The biggest benefit of this is having a platform that provides unique levers for all warehouses based on different SKUs, capacity constraints and sales volumes at each location.”

Dan Luzietti – Hercules Industries

“The on-site demonstration was very impressive and very thorough and worth the time. It was a big piece of the final decision. The detail of that demonstration is what really stood out to me. They had visuals onsite that I think made it a lot easier for people to understand what they were going through. And it was very thorough, it kind of made sense for everything I had talked about up front and the goals of our implementation. And they covered every area.”

Glenn Neville – Epoch Everlasting Play

“Making a WMS selection was really quite easy. Where you get in trouble is when people overbuy a system. PathGuide is not going to oversell you a system. They’ll give you the options. It’s really a buffet type of approach, and it’s great. You only buy the modules you need and most functionality is configured locally.”

Mike Charpin – Mercer Tool Corp.

“We felt PathGuide would successfully manage our WMS just by the amount of Epicor P21 customers that are using their system. That meant that those customers had confidence that this was the right system and these are the right guys to support them. The references that we talked to (and of course when we had some of the more technical conversations with their guys and how they’ve been able to answer the questions) gave us more confidence.”

Richard Pridham – KMS Tools & Equipment

“Our implementation of Latitude went without a hitch. I really give it high marks. It’s smooth and glitch free, and works seamlessly with our ERP. In addition, the web interface is straightforward and easy to use and the whole platform works exactly the way we had envisioned.”

Shaun Frazier – Sea to Summit

“Having Latitude has helped us improve accuracy on the receiving end while giving us quantifiable data that help pinpoint errors instantly. I’m excited that our team now has more time to spend improving customer service and safety. We anticipate the summer period to be our busiest ever, but we’ll be able to dramatically reduce the number of seasonal employees. And anyone who is hired will have a much easier time getting up to speed. That room to grow is critical to our ongoing success.”

Sean Wallace – Mingledorff’s

“We have used other warehouse management systems in the past, but since we upgraded to Latitude WMS we have never looked back. This company is engaged with you from Sales, to Project Management, to Implementation and that continues throughout your upgrade cycles and support experiences.You get your core features and then some.  Once you do your research you will see the depth of their offerings. There is a lot to like when they can easily integrate with your ERP system.  The fact that overnight my ERP system and Latitude WMS check inventory accuracy and report on any discrepancies is a huge time saver not to mention it increases customer satisfaction. Another feature I love is the audit trail.  Problems come down to people, process, or technology.  I use their auditing feature to resolve issues that often put a focus on a process that needs to be reviewed and an opportunity for user experience growth. The yearly users group feels like close-nit community.  You can take what you learn from PathGuide and other attending users and apply it the week you are back. We are very happy with our decision.”

Pete Antunes – Valin Corporation

“We chose Latitude because it mapped really well to the way we wanted our receiving, putaway, picking and shipping processes to operate. That gave us the confidence that we’d be able to deploy a very robust, step-by-step process that would enable highly-accurate operations.”

Jim Hostetter – PaulB Wholesale

“We chose Latitude because it’s a very robust and flexible program that also supported our long-term roadmap which included implementation of carousels and other automated systems. Support for future requirements was a key consideration and we’re very pleased with our decision to go with PathGuide. We’ve found them to be true experts in warehouse practices — they take the time to really understand our business at a level other vendors don’t.”

Roy Bragg – E.B. Horsman & Son

“Our warehouse today is very organized. We don’t have paper everywhere and people aren’t running around like crazy. We do still have some errors, but there’s been a drastic reduction in shipping mistakes. Everything works as advertised, and we couldn’t be happier with PathGuide.”

Jeff Greenberg – Rawson, Inc.

“PathGuide was quick to set up visits. The quick turnarounds on the pricing and the price negotiations showed commitment on their end. We gave all of our potential vendors a beefy requirements document, and PathGuide’s response back to that was very detailed and the demo was well thought-out. Other vendors for the most part ignored our requirements doc and gave us a generic presentation.”

Dan Luzietti – Hercules Industries

“Once we started picking with Latitude’s voice features, I never wanted to go back to paper. Voice makes training new employees much faster and reduces errors. It tells them what aisle to go to and how many picks they’re going to have in that aisle before they start picking. It directs them right to that location and follows them through the whole process.”

Dennis Schutz – Jensen Distribution Services

“As a result of implementing the Latitude Warehouse Management System, we have increased our shipping accuracy to 99.99 percent and cut our warehouse labor in half. With PathGuide’s expertise and support, it is possible for anyone to achieve similar results.”

Tim Carol – AutomationDirect

“Our productivity and inventory control has really improved with Latitude. We were able to increase our picks per day without adding any new staff. We have also cut our inventory related mistakes to 1 out of every 1750 lines; this fact alone has given us the ability to better serve our customers.”

Roy Bragg – E.B. Horsman & Son

“Latitude’s advanced features, specifically warehouse metrics, provide valuable insight into warehouse operations. That insight will ultimately benefit the customer, which is of utmost importance to us.”

Brett Patterson – Becker Electric

Latitude Manifest System is terrific. We’ve doubled the quantity of boxes shipped per day and increased our daily dollar volume by 59%, and we are doing this without having to hire additional people.”

Mark Hermann – AutomationDirect

“We immediately started to see benefits in going paperless with our first phase in receiving. Our teams now have a stronger sense of ownership that has helped to improve productivity.”

Kyle Sutter – Fisheries Supply