Warehouse Management Software

1. Why Invest in Warehouse Management Software?

Warehouse management software is a true business investment, not a luxury. A good WMS can mean the difference between a year in the black or a year in the red.

You already invest in property and equipment, in people and in training. If you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in work processes in your warehouse, then you need to consider a warehouse management software system.

2. What are the Benefits of a WMS?

Increased Inventory Accuracy: Warehouse management systems help you keep accurate track of your inventory. When you don’t know what quantity of a given product you have on hand, you’re in a position to lose money. Not enough stock? Backorders can cost you thousands in cancellations or delays. Too much stock? You’re wasting valuable shelf space stocking items that no one is buying. From overstock to deadstock to shortages, inventory accuracy is important to your bottom line. Knowing what you have improves order accuracy and customer happiness.

Accurate Order Fulfillment: When you utilize an automated warehouse management system to fulfill customer orders, you not only fill orders faster, but you also want to drastically reduce the number of errors. Errors are an inevitable part of warehouse order fulfillment, but a warehouse management system can cut those errors in half, or even better. Few mistakes mean fewer customer complaints and fewer returned orders. Reductions in order returns have an obvious financial benefit, but can you even put a price on happier customers?

3. Two levels of Latitude Warehouse Management System

Latitude WMS comes in two tiers: Latitude Core WMS, our basic WMS offering, for the warehouse that needs to get started with a warehouse management system, but doesn’t currently want to invest in advanced features; and Latitude Warehouse Management System, the advanced WMS that allows you to set up highly personalized warehouse practices.

Latitude Core WMS includes Receiving, Put away, Picking, and Cycle Counting modules. These are the crucial components of any warehouse management system. We also include Performance Metrics analytic tools, which allow you to track warehouse performance in the other areas – from your receiving crew to your daily shipment rates.

Latitude Warehouse Management System includes advanced features like Systems Automation and Carousel Integration, Voice Picking, Replenishment, Incident Tracking, Lot Control, Serial Number Tracking, Front Counter Orders, and more. These advanced modules can be customized to meet your specific business needs and practices, and you can pick and choose from a virtual menu of advanced options that meet both your business goals, and your budget.

4. Uniquely Tailored Warehouse Management System

Because we understand that every customer has a unique business, we tailor our warehouse management system and training to meet your warehouses’ distinct practices. We may help you develop more accurate methods for put away, picking, and shipping, but we take unique pride in our ability to collaborate with our customers to create new and exciting ways to solve unusual business challenges. Just ask our customers, they’ll testify how responsive our team is to development requests.

Latitude integrates seamlessly with all major ERP business systems including Epicor: Prophet 21, Eclipse, Eagle and Acclaim, as well as Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, J.D. Edwards, Oracle, SAP, and more.

Request a demo or call us today at 1.888.627.9797 and find out how easy it can be to get started with Latitude WMS.

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