Latitude Manifest & Shipping System

Manifest & Shipping Software

Shipping software that gets product to customers quickly, securely and affordably.

PathGuide’s Latitude Manifest & Shipping System is a parcel shipping integration system that simplifies warehouse shipping and package tracking. This shipping software provides a multi-carrier shipping solution that automatically finds the lowest available shipping rate (or fastest option for those rush orders) from all available carriers.

Print hazmat or e-Commerce labels, bills of lading, and third-party shipping papers; all data is automatically transmitted to the appropriate carrier for billing. Flexible and affordable, Latitude Manifest & Shipping System provides multi-carrier compliance whether you ship with major international carriers, regional carriers, or LTL.

We’ve got what it takes to help your business. That’s how we earned FedEx Compatible Community status for 2022!

“User-friendly, efficient, and a great tool to control shipping costs.”

What do you like best? The ability to control all of our different accounts shipping requirements in LMS allows for our employees to ship an order with a click of a button, without needing to verify ship methods, payment types, etc. It’s fantastic!

“Great service, great people.”

What do you like best? The speed at which they resolve issues. This is a major plus for using this product.

“Making shipping easy.”

What do you like best? Personally, I like that LMS is user-friendly. Changing carriers, shipping methods, reprinting labels or documents, having visibility of shipping charges, cancelling shipments, all made simple for the user.

“Automating our manifesting processes.”

What do you like best? The Latitude Manifesting System (LMS) is easy to automate! From discounting/mark up by carrier, handling fee control by customer, creating Best Rate service options, and rating tools, we have been able to simplify our manifesting processes.

“Very user-friendly manifest application.”

What do you like best? Easy handling of international and LTL shipments.

“Good review.”

What do you like best? We like that you scan the order number, everything fills in and print. Nothing more to do.

“LMS works for us!”

What do you like best? The ease of integrating LMS into our existing ERP.

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