Receiving with Latitude WMS

Because Accuracy is Everything

Latitude WMS simplifies and automates receiving procedures, eliminating errors that can hamper your inventory turnaround time. One-step receiving will easily cut your product receipt times in half by automatically validating expected receipts and notifying users of errors or discrepancies.

Latitude receiving can also:

  • Handle multi-PO receipts
  • Automatically update host system
  • Associate supplier bar codes with received products – no need to re-label!
  • Learn new bar codes
  • Provide bar code labeling of non bar-coded material
  • Display discrepancy warning during receipt
  • Provide detailed receiving errors for help in dealing with inaccurate vendors
  • Automatically convert purchasing unit of measure to inventory unit of measure
  • Receive fractional quantities of received items
  • Automatic emails to purchasing reports discrepancies
  • Provide notification of back-ordered items for cross-docking
  • Track lot numbers and date codes; accommodate shelf life and expiration dates
  • Allow receiver to “unreceive” a line item quantity to correct errors
  • Record inbound freight charges and bill of lading numbers

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