Latitude WMS Boosts Distribution Efficiency

Merchandise Can’t Be Sold if it’s Sitting in a Distribution Center

That’s according to CFO Tom Yearsley. To better understand how C-A-L Ranch automated its distribution center processes with Latitude WMS, click here.

PathGuide has been consulting and training wholesale and retail distributors on how to improve their warehouse logistics for more than 27 years. Whether it’s tracking warehouse employee performance or a freight shipment, we know how to get work done faster.

Sometimes, we recommend utilizing our own WMS, and sometimes we don’t. If your warehouse is struggling to keep up with customer demands, or if your customer service is faltering due to mis-shipments, we can help. We’ll perform a free site visit, assess your business needs and growth goals, and provide you with choices that can help you streamline your operations, and do more with less.

If our warehouse management solutions aren’t the right fit for your operation, we won’t hesitate to tell you, and we’ll guide you in the right direction, even if it means that we point you to a competitor.

Want to learn more about Latitude WMS? We’re at your service and we love questions, so ask us now or call us at 1-888-627-9797.