Customer Testimonials

"Order accuracy with Latitude is a key competitive advantage that helps us go up against the big guys and win. Many companies are great at talking, but PathGuide is great at listening and follow-through -- they deliver on their promises."

John Hanna, Director of Operations
Atlanta Dental Supply
Atlanta, GA

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Customer Success Stories

Learn how PathGuide’s WMS has helped our customer's distribution business thrive!


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Get a Customized Demo or Schedule a System Audit

We tailor our demonstrations to meet the needs of your warehouse or DC. Our system audits allow us to make sure you're using Latitude WMS to its full capacity. If not, we'll suggest ways to better your processes to be more efficient.

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Warehouse Consulting Services

PathGuide WMS consultants have been training wholesale and retail distributors on how to improve their warehouse logistics for more than 27 years. Whether it's tracking warehouse employee performance or a freight shipment, we know how to get work done faster.

Sometimes, we recommend utilizing our warehouse management software system - sometimes we don't. If your warehouse is struggling to keep up with customer demands, or if your customer service is faltering due to mis-shipments, we can help. We'll perform a site visit, assess your business needs and growth goals, and provide you with choices that can help you streamline your operations, and do more with less.

If our warehouse management solutions aren't the right fit for your operation, we won't hesitate to tell you - and we'll guide you in the right direction, even if it means that we point you to a competitor.

Advanced Latitude Training

Part of your investment in Latitude Core WMS or Latitude WMS includes WMS training. After working with our dedicated support team, you'll understand what to expect for your own Warehouse Management System installation.


You'll learn how to manage your new WMS, refine your processes, and support your warehouse team as they learn how to use Latitude. You'll gain faster comprehension through a 3-day WMS training, uninterrupted class-room environment. You and your workforce will be ready to accept and conquer your new WMS system, starting from day one.

The Latitude software will be configured for your requirements, and we'll spend three days providing hands-on experience in our model warehouse - performing transactions with your ERP system.

Call a PathGuide WMS Consultant today! 1.888.627.9797