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"As a result of installing Latitude, we have been able to increase our inventory accuracy to 98% without adding labor.   We have also seen an improvement with customer satisfaction and an increase in profitability."

Jennifer Arndt, CFO
S.L. Fusco
Rancho Dominguez, CA

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Latitude Manifest & Shipping System

PathGuide’s Latitude Manifest & Shipping System is a parcel shipping integration system that simplifies warehouse shipping, package tracking and route management. This software provides a multi-carrier shipping solution that automatically finds the lowest available shipping rate (or fastest option for those rush orders) from all available carriers.

Print hazmat or e-commerce labels, bills of lading, and third-party shipping papers; all data is automatically transmitted to the appropriate carrier for billing.

Flexible and affordable, Latitude Manifest & Shipping System provides multi-carrier compliance whether you ship with major international carriers, regional carriers, or LTL. 

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Atlanta Dental Manifesting Case Study        Manifesting_Lorenz and Jones
Atlanta Dental
Manifesting Case Study
  Lorenz and Jones
Manifesting Case Study

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