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"We appreciate how PathGuide listens to our questions and takes the time to understand our business. Most companies want to push their way on you, but PathGuide shows the professionalism that most companies forget."

Mike Bell, Executive VP of Operations
Duncan Industrial Solutions
Oklahoma City, OK

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Latitude WMS Hardware


Intermec CK3X (Sept. 2015)

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Intermec CK3X Mobile Computer

The CK3X has a highly adaptable design. It enables a variety of in-premise applications to reach full workflow performance, improve operational metrics and simplify IT Support. The CK3X fits your timetable for achieving such results with a pedigree of proven success, easy deployment and fast return on investment. Extending the popular ergonomic design of the CK3 model, the CK3X takes the best and makes it even better, giving you the power to put accuracy and productivity in the hands of your workers.


Honeywell Dolphin 70e Black

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Honeywell Dolphin 70e Black

The Dolphin 70e, Honeywell’s latest enterprise hybrid device, successfully marries the size, style and usability of a consumer device with the reliability and longevity of a traditional rugged hand-held. Engineered with premium materials and clean lines, the form factor of the Dolphin 70e elegantly lends itself to personal device usage while also meeting the challenges found in the unpredictable surroundings of the mobile enterprise.


Zebra MC3190 - V4

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Zebra MC3190 Mobile Computer

The Symbol MC3100 Series brings seamless anytime mobility to key-based applications inside the four walls — in the aisles of the retail store, in the warehouse, on the loading dock and out in the yard. With this robust and affordable mid-range device, your retail and warehouse customers will have the power to do more with less, reducing costs while boosting customer satisfaction and the bottom line Building on the category leading MC3000 mobile computer, the MC3100 Series leverages Zebra’s new Mobility Platform Architecture (MPA) 2.0, offering advanced computing power, industry-leading data capture options, enhanced security and superior ergonomics.


Honeywell PD42

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Intermec PD42 Bar Code Label Printer

Smart, strong and secure, the PD42 with full graphic display interface meets the needs of medium duty applications. Its multiple communication interfaces, secure wireless connectivity, CCX and WiFi certification, and support for IPv6 ensure easy integration and scalability. Stand-alone Smart Printing eliminates PC costs and complexity, and enables quick ROI.


Zebra QLn420 Portable RF Label PrinterDownload Spec Sheet


Zebra QLn420 Mobile RF Label Printer

The QLn420's over-molding and tempered-glass display, coupled with its seamless, one-piece design, make it more durable than ever before. The QLn printer can boost your operation’s productivity through a larger, sharper, easierto-navigate display; faster, higher-quality printing; a variety of proactive alerts that help keep working printers in employees’ hands. Your IT department will find the QLn printer more intuitive to integrate into existing platforms.



Honeywell PB50 Mobile Printer 

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Intermec PB50 Mobile Label Printer

With the fastest time to first label, the rugged PB50 printer is ready to ramp up productivity in the most demanding retail or warehouse environment. This reliable 4 inch label printer integrates seamlessly with Intermec mobile computers and software to deliver high performance printing while lowering the cost of development, deployment and support.



Honeywell THOR CV31

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Honeywell THOR CV31 Vehicle Mount Computer

The THOR CV31 vehicle-mount terminal combines the latest high performance computing technology into a very compact form factor that minimizes driver line-of-sight obstruction. The CV31 presents your critical workflow information where it is easily seen, within reach, but never in the way. The CV31 is a true multi-modal device capable of handling complex voice-, screen- and scan-intensive applications. Ready for Vocollect voicedirected workflow systems, CV31 supports “hands-free, eyes-up” driving, so operators can stay focused.