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"With PathGuide's WMS Latitude we have improved efficiency throughout our entire organization.  We are able to do more work with fewer people and fewer mistakes.  Our ability to take PO's up to 4:30pm and get them shipped that same day has given us a competitive advantage within our industry.  We can get a days work done in a day!"

Jim Claybourn
Midwest Equipment & Supply
Evansville, IN

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) helps distributors and their customers efficiently maintain inventory levels and easily create / manage replenishment orders. VMI is part of Latitude Warehouse Management System (WMS).

What is VMI?

VMI is a system that allows you or your customers to build replenishment orders to easily and effectively manage inventory at the customer's site, assembly line, kan-ban, or stockroom using a simple handheld scanning device. The orders are then placed, electronically, with your warehouse. VMI lets customers order your products without having call a sales person or log into your website.

How does Latitude VMI Work?

When a customer runs low on stock of your products, they can quickly pick up a handheld scanner (RF gun) and build a replenishment order using simple barcode scans of your products in their store or warehouse.

Latitude Vendor Managed Inventory

Latitude VMI creates customer orders on the handheld device. The orders are sent back to your Latitude WMS, and then up to your ERP, for fast, accurate fulfillment. VMI is simply a fast and easy way for both distributors and their customers to achieve an efficient item restocking process that is error-free and convenient.

What are the benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory?

With VMI, you can:

Eliminate human errors

Human-caused errors on customer replenishment orders are costly. Eliminate mistakes introduced through the lengthy process of handwritten customer orders by using easy-to-scan, specially-generated barcode labels on your products onsite at customer locations.

Place orders faster

All that's needed is a scan of a product on a handheld scanner. The order is electronically transmitted back to your Latitude WMS, and then on up to your ERP for processing. You are able to set up minimum, maximum, and order point quantities to ensure the proper stocking levels are reordered.

Give your customers some control

Perhaps your sales force is stretched thin, or maybe you prefer a more hands-off approach to managing customer orders. Fortunately, Latitude VMI accommodates customer managed inventory, allowing your customers to place their own replenishment orders using mobile devices equipped with scanning capabilities.

Customize your order processes for simplcity

Latitude's VMI module is highly customizable, so exact processes can vary depending on the business practices at your warehouse and at your customer sites. Regardless of how you decide to implement VMI, you’ll find that it offers vast improvements in replenishment order efficiency, customer satisfaction, and error elimination.

Simplify customer order with Vendor Managed Inventory. Call us today to find out how.