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"We have gained efficiency in pulling orders, finding products, our error rate has dropped, receiving and staging have become more productive, miscounts have nearly become obsolete, and customer service has improved!  What else can I say? Latitude has been a great asset to our company."

Carolyn Hunt, IT Consultant
Southern Fastening Systems, Inc
Muscle Shoals, AL

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Why Upgrade to Latitude 10.0? A Customer Explains

We count on our customers to always be open and honest with us about their experiences with PathGuide products. Some of our most vocal customers even serve on our Latitude Advisory Board (LAB), helping them shape the direction of our products for the warehouses of the future.

Tom Lorenz, of Lorenz and Jones Marine Distributors, is among our LAB members. Lorenz and Jones volunteered to serve as beta testers for Latitude 10.0. PathGuide's latest product offering was rolled out at Lorenz and Jones in January of 2012. We ask Tom to discuss how the process went.

1. What prompted you to move to Latitude 10.0 in the first place? Wouldn’t it have been easier to stay on your current version?

We have always counted on PathGuide to be our warehouse technology expert.  While we are busy running our business, PathGuide is busy researching and developing software to keep us current, competitive and efficient.

2. How did the conversion process go?

The conversion process was free of problems. We first loaded the update on our test system (and proceeded with Beta testing there), so we were confident that we knew what we were doing when we upgraded our production system.

3. Did it take a major adjustment to feel comfortable using Latitude 10.0?

The most noticeable change in Latitude 10.0 was the new system navigation method (menu layouts). Initially, we thought the new menu navigation system would take some getting used to.  By the end of Day 1, it was a non-issue to everyone in our organization.

4. What are your favorite features/improvements in 10.0 (if there are any)?

We like the fact that we are no longer limited to using Internet Explorer to access Latitude.  We find that older workstations work better with other browsers.

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