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Bill Derville, President
General Tool & Supply
Portland, OR

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Latitude 10.0 Highlights

Latitude 10.0 is ready to roll out! Find out what changes have been made to our seminal product, and why an upgrade to 10.0 is worth it.

Latitude Web

You’ll see lots of improvements to Latitude Web in 10.0! Cleaner menus, a brighter interface, helpful tooltips, and reminder menus will better help you to navigate Latitude’s interface and complete your daily warehouse tasks.

Multiple Browser Support

Latitude 10.0 is fully compatible with Internet Explorer (7.0 to 10.0), Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and the Android browser. HTML5 ready. Latitude 10.0 users report that older workstations have an easier time supporting browsers other than IE, meaning that you can still get some mileage out of your warehouse workstations with 10.0!

New Menu Look-and-Feel

New menus support better navigation on desktops and tablet computers. Includes functional search and breadcrumb tracking.

Latitude 10.0 MenusAuto Complete

Auto complete controls now support dynamic sizing and colored pattern matching, to indicate why certain selections were displayed.

Improved Calendar Control

Calendar Control navigation for date selection was enhanced and simplified.

Data Grid Improvements

The data grid has been updated to support dynamically resized columns, better rendering performance, alternating row colors for better readability, consistent sorting and filtering, and better keyboard-based navigation. 

Better Drop-down Lists

The list box selection control has been updated to support better rendering performance, alternating row colors for better readability, and better keyboard-based navigation.

Quickly Access Frequently Used Pages

Added new ‘My Recent Menu Selections’ and ‘My Common Menu Selections’ menus to the Functions Menu to track recently and commonly opened web forms.

Highlighted Fields

The default state of edit forms were changed to allow for an overall brighter web form display (over grayed out elements in a non-edit state). Editable fields are now highlighted when in edit mode.

Latitude 10.0 Editable Fields

Improved Pop-up Windows

Pop-up forms are now fully contained within the browser tab, instead of being in a separate pop-up browser window. Because the pop-ups are contained within the open browser tab, you won’t have to deal with any annoying pop-up alert messages from Internet Explorer.

Pop-up windows no longer lock the browser down, so you can open additional tabs in your browser, even if a pop-up window is open in Latitude Web.

User Roles

  • Latitude Web menus can now be customized per user role. A user can be a member of multiple roles, or can be defaulted to a simplified role based on their job assignment.
  • Assigned user roles can be selected from the main menu.

Accuracy Metrics

A new Metrics module was added to track accuracy, based on overall number of employee errors per lines picked or received.

  • Create accuracy standards to rank employees performance
  • Various chart construction screens and dashboards were created to support accuracy metrics
  • A new Accuracy Metrics reporting wizard was included for generating reports

Latitude 10.0 Accuracy Metrics

Latitude Alerts

  • A new alerts system replaces the old view-based alerts system.
  • Twenty-two new Alert Event Types were introduced as triggers within the system. Alerts can be triggered off parameters defined by these event types.
  • Multiple actions can be defined per alert, including emailing the alert, notification through Latitude’s own messaging system, or generating and processing a report.
  • Alert logic is free form, allowing for all aspects of the alert to be customized.

Background Changes

Some of the changes to Latitude 10.0 will affect the speed and efficiency of the product, but may not be immediately obvious to even our most knowledgeable users. Here are some of the new Latitude features that are hidden, but beneficial!

Built on the Microsoft.NET 4.0 Framework

Latitude is now running on the Microsoft.NET 4.0 Framework.

jQuery Framework

The redesigned Latitude Web is now built on the jQuery framework. This will probably only mean something to tech nerds, but it’s a good thing!

Smaller Footprint

The overall installed footprint of Latitude is smaller, with a precompiled Latitude website delivered as a part of the installation/update process.

  • Downloaded web components are now version- and patch-specific.  Local cached images are automatically updated.
  • The overall web component size has been decreased, with core components delivered to the end browser in one combined download file.

Installer Updates

The installer was updated to properly and automatically configure the Latitude Web components (IIS 7.0+).

Interested in installing Latitude 10.0? Contact our Support team for more information.