Customer Testimonials

"We chose Latitude because it's a very robust and flexible program that also supported our long-term roadmap which included implementation of carousels and other automated sytems.  Support for future requirements was a key consideration and we're very pleased with our decision to go with PathGuide.  We've found them to be true experts in warehouse practices -- they take the time to really understand our business at a level other vendors don't."

Roy Bragg, VP of Operations
E.B. Horsman & Son
Surrey, BC

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Customer Success Stories

Learn how PathGuide’s WMS has helped our customer's distribution business thrive!


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Get a Customized Demo or Schedule a System Audit

We tailor our demonstrations to meet the needs of your warehouse or DC. Our system audits allow us to make sure you're using Latitude WMS to its full capacity. If not, we'll suggest ways to better your processes to be more efficient.

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WMS Classes: Learning WMS Strategies

Our 3-day Warehouse Management Class teaches you what to expect for your own WMS installation. You'll gain knowledge of best practices that you can use to implement in your warehouse. At the end of three days, you'll know how to refine your business practices, implement new warehousing methods, and how to get total buy-in from your employees.

Warehouse_Management_ClassOur classroom settings offer hands-on training (using our mock warehouse), where you and your employees with test out your WMS using your product database and host (ERP) system.

You'll collaborate with our engineering team, and decide on any advanced WMS functionalty that you may want to adopt down the road.  We'll teach you how to immediately begin using your WMS's metrics module to monitor warehouse performance.

This warehouse management class is perfect for floor managers, IT techs, operations managers, and anyone else who holds a leadership role in your distribution environment.

Call PathGuide at 1.888.627.9797 and we'll get you started on the road to WMS expertise.