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"We appreciate how PathGuide listens to our questions and takes the time to understand our business. Most companies want to push their way on you, but PathGuide shows the professionalism that most companies forget."

Mike Bell, Executive VP of Operations
Duncan Industrial Solutions
Oklahoma City, OK

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Get Your Customized Demo or Schedule a Free System Audit

We tailor your demonstrations to meet the needs of your warehouse or DC. Our free system audits allow us to make sure you're using Latitude WMS to its full capacity. If not, we'll suggest ways to better your processes to be more efficient.


Best Warehouse Management Systems

What sorts of features go into the better WMS systems out there?  Besides a punch list of "must have" and "nice to have" features, what key factors need to be considered? 

Flexibility and scalability are both very important.  Whether it's a single 30,000 square foot warehouse, or multiple 1,000,000 square foot Distribution Centers, the best of the best will allow you to standardize processes across the organization while allowing for location-by-location differences in material handling.  The end result will be the highest possible rates for employee productivity and accuracy, and lower total cost of ownership.

In addition to those, included in the list of critical features needs to be an assesment of the WMS provider themselves.  How well do they listen and ultimately understand the challenges you're currently facing?  And more importantly, are they taking the time to understand where you need to be in the future if your organization is going to grow and prosper?  It's not just a great WMS you're looking for; it's a great company you'll looking to partner with.

Why choose Latitude WMS?

There are plenty of WMS vendors out there. What makes Latitude the best value for your money?

Our warehouse management system is a better value - not just because of competitive pricing, but because of the kind of individual attention that we provide. Most WMS vendors, be they big or small, don't have the bandwidth or dedication to truly understanding your business objective and needs before they sell you their product.


A complete approach designed for each distributor

Your unique needs demand more than a one-size-fits-all solution. We tailor Latitude Warehouse Management System to fit the needs of small and large clients. 

We offer consulting services, ongoing training, and 24-hour support. PathGuide maintains a highly skilled, professional support team that works closely with our software engineers to solve any customer issues that may arise. We create personalized business solutions by delivering products that are designed to meet each customer's unique customer requirements.

Can we use our existing RF terminals with Latitude?

The Latitude system works with most contemporary and earlier handheld RF devices from Intermec by Honeywell and Zebra. For more information regarding specific hardware product models, contact PathGuide.

Call us today at 1.888.627.9797 and we'll determine if Latitude WMS is right for you.