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"We have gained efficiency in pulling orders, finding products, our error rate has dropped, receiving and staging have become more productive, miscounts have nearly become obsolete, and customer service has improved!  What else can I say? Latitude has been a great asset to our company."

Carolyn Hunt, IT Consultant
Southern Fastening Systems, Inc
Muscle Shoals, AL

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Latitude Receiving

Latitude simplifies and automates receiving procedures, eliminating errors that can hamper your inventory turnaround time. One-step receiving will easily cut your product receipt times in half. Latitude receiving automatically validates expected receipts, and notifies users of errors or receiving discrepancies.

Latitude receiving can also:

  • Handle multi-PO receipts
  • Automatically update host system
  • Associate supplier bar codes with received products - no need to re-label!
  • Learn new bar codes
  • Provide bar code labeling of non bar-coded material
  • Display discrepancy warning during receipt
  • Provide detailed receiving errors for help in dealing with inaccurate vendors
  • Automatically convert purchasing unit of measure to inventory unit of measure
  • Receive fractional quantities of received items
  • Automatic emails to purchasing reports receiving discrepancies
  • Provide notification of back-ordered items for cross-docking
  • Track lot numbers and date codes; accommodate shelf life and expiration dates
  • Allow receiver to "unreceive" a line item quantity to correct receiving errors
  • Record in-bound freight charges and bill of lading numbers

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