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"PathGuide walks their talk. They provide the kind of intimate, stellar service that you just don't find nowadays."

Todd Keeney, VP of Operations
Omni Services
Worcester, MA

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See how PathGuide and Intermec's integrated solution brought flexible, real-time control and efficiency to IRLY Distributors' warehouse operations. With Latitude WMS, warehouses get constant, real-time material movement and order status data, which boosts productivity, saves time and increases bottom line. 

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Implementing a Warehouse Management Solution   Simple to implement Warehouse Management System
When facing down the global economic recession, IRLY Distributors chose to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability through strategic investment in WMS technology. See why they made the leap.
Benefits of Warehouse Management Solution   Benefits of a Warehouse Management System
IRLY implemented Latitude WMS without a single day of downtime, and grew their revenues while competitors floundered. Find out how they achieved so much so quickly.
Durable Barcode Scanners   Pathguide and Intermec – The Winning Combination
The Intermec CK3 Series mobile computer is the best solution for the rugged warehouse environment at IRLY Distributors. Find out what makes the equipment so well-suited to warehouse work.

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