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Mike Bell, Executive VP of Operations
Duncan Industrial Solutions
Oklahoma City, OK

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The Warehouse: Where Much Business Intelligence is Stored

By Michael Dortch

A single warehouse can be a monstrously massive management challenge, on multiple levels simultaneously. Goods, vehicles, conveyor belts, people, hardware, software - a massive juggling act on a good day.

Therefore a great crucible and proving ground for business processes, and a great source of "real-life" business intelligence (BI). Which I'm defining as "knowledge that helps to improve business operations in credibly demonstrable and measurable ways."

In this context, a single warehouse can be a treasure trove of actionable intelligence focused on getting orders fulfilled and goods in and out the door, metaphorically and otherwise. So imagine what one could learn - and what one really needs to know - to manage East and West coast US facilities. Or to ship more than 3 million unique orders containing more than 40 million items , many with localized and personalized messaging, to thousands of locations worldwide. Then, imagine managing all of this effectively with manual, human-driven tools and processes.

Welcome to Synq Solutions, a provider of marketing, merchandising, and training solutions from literature fulfillment and campaign measurement to on-demand production and delivery of regulatory compliance documents for financial services providers. And the company that, when faced with the above challenges, decided to take a more technology-enabled approach.

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