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Warehouse Metrics - A Tool for the Times

by David C. Allais - Chairman PathGuide Technologies, Inc.

Have you noticed that today's warehouse workers appear to be less motivated than you recall from the good old days?  The upcoming generations (Gen X, Y etc.) crave appreciation and recognition. These younger workers expect instant feedback.

A published survey of hourly employees reports:

  • Only 20% feel actively engaged in their work
  • Half claim they "just get by"
  • Three fourths claim that they could do more

Management's challenge is to motivate these people so their jobs become more fulfilling. The enterprise will benefit through improved attendance, higher productivity and fewer errors. 

A contemporary warehouse management system (WMS) will automatically track transactions and display or print a scoreboard of employee performance. For example, the Metrics feature in PathGuide's Latitude WMS shows comparative performance as illustrated below:

Metrics Article Picks per hour

Charts provide the quick feedback that younger workers crave, stimulate friendly competition and raise productivity. 

After charting has taken hold and a reasonable body of data has accumulated, it is time to establish performance standards.  This process must be done with buy-in from the affected workforce so that the process is seen as fair and reasonable.  Standards and timely performance data facilitate targeted goals. 

Charts for individuals display progress over time and provide the information for counseling, recognition and advancement: 

Metrics Article Igor

Management can recognize high achievers in meetings and by postings on bulletin boards. Plaques, hats, shirts, or special parking places can be awarded to express appreciation. A mature, accepted set of standards could even form the basis for incentive compensation to continuously motivate employees and further increase their performance.

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