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"Latitude has drastically increased our inventory accuracy.  Pre-Latitude, we were operating with 40-50% accuracy levels, we are now reaching inventory control levels to the 98th percentile.  With Latitude, our operating costs have decreased, and our efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability have all increased.  Latitude has given us the ability to grow our business."

Mark Yomogida, Corporate VP
General Pool & Spa Supply
Rancho Cordova, CA

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Date: 12/3/2007
Contact: Shelby Miller
Phone: 425-438-2899

Tracking Inventory at Touch of a Key - Seattle Times

What: PathGuide Technologies, Mukilteo

Who: Eric Allais, 49, CEO

Mission: Drive the wide-scale adoption of automated warehouse-management systems for small and midsize businesses and wholesale distributors.

Button pushing: PathGuide software, called Latitude, is designed to run on handheld terminals managed by warehouse personnel. The system tracks movement of inventory: where it is, who touched it last and what is happening to it at each particular moment. Said Allais, "Our customers get accountability throughout the enterprise."

Track meet: To straighten the learning curve, PathGuide hosts a three-day training session at its Mukilteo facility for each customer, setting up a dummy warehouse that simulates the customer's own environment.

Customers can precisely track orders from the destination, accurately estimating arrival time. Along the way they can modify the order, changing specifications on the fly.

Employees: 18 (all in Mukilteo, except two outside salespeople).

Financials: The private company doesn?t disclose its financial data but has a positive cash flow.
Out of the stone age: Many PathGuide customers are replacing paper-based systems they have used for years.

"The companies in this space are always balancing the cost of their inventory with the ability to respond to customers very quickly," Allais said. "The processes are of secondary importance."

Companies cannot afford to take time off to learn new systems so they just continue as they were. As a result, the paper-based processes impose what Allais calls "controlled chaos" in the warehouse environment.

Push to update: The impetus among companies to change their ways is often external.

"Sometimes a customer with a large stake in the revenue stream will demand on-time shipments and high-quality customer service," Allais said.

On time: "Most warehouse systems are deceptively complex," Allais said. "What makes us unique is our ability to address the business issues that impact distribution issues."

-Charles Bermant, Seattle Times

For more information contact:

Shelby Miller
8221 44th Ave West
Suite G
Mukilteo, WA 98275