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"I just wanted to say Thank You for all your help over the years. I truly loved Latitude and could not have imagined running that business without it - You have an amazing product and are great people to work with!"

Russ  Raburn, Operations Manager
Tile City
Chico, CA

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Press Release

Tenacious Customers Sustain PathGuide’s Competitive Edge

We’re delighted at the record attendance at our 5th annual Latitude User Conference in Chicago this month.  PathGuide customers represented a wide cross section of wholesale distribution -- spanning the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. We appreciate the vote of confidence.

PathGuide continues to attract the attention of distributors who not only need a world class warehouse automation system but demand the expertise in warehousing to truly address their issues. Our expertise relies in part on the quality of our partnerships with our customers.

In our discovery discussions with customers and prospects we’re exposed to the many challenges and opportunities in running a wide variety of distribution businesses – each with their own set of issues. Most often it’s confronting the brutal facts of a given warehouse operation that jointly provide the most insights. In the end, we find that it’s the tenacity of distributors that can make the difference as successful change agents. They’re the ones who want to genuinely fix their logistics, sometimes with a fresh sheet of paper, in other cases, to streamline what they already have in their people and processes. These rich discussions with distributors allow PathGuide to keep the edge. We call it a practice. The Latitude practice. It’s that ever-pressing passion to do right by the customer, and inspire excellence that spurs our creative talents in on-going product development.

As a result we’re in the best position to recommend the best course of action. Not a compromised “add on” or a simple patch.  But a tailored solution that makes the investment in time, people, and capital, yield the greatest return.    

We’re often asked, what makes PathGuide different from the rest. Aside from the depth and breadth of our state-of-the-art products and the knowledge of warehousing, we hear from customers that it’s the total business relationship with PathGuide that puts the company above the others. As PathGuide’s new president I can say that all of us at here put the highest value on this market position and intend to protect this reputation as we grow our company. In the 17 years that PathGuide’s been improving distributor warehouse operations, we’re just getting started.

Thank you for your support!

Eric C. Allais

President & CEO