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"We appreciate how PathGuide listens to our questions and takes the time to understand our business. Most companies want to push their way on you, but PathGuide shows the professionalism that most companies forget."

Mike Bell, Executive VP of Operations
Duncan Industrial Solutions
Oklahoma City, OK

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Learn how PathGuide’s WMS has helped our customer's distribution business thrive!


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We tailor our demonstrations to meet the needs of your warehouse or DC. Our system audits allow us to make sure you're using Latitude WMS to its full capacity. If not, we'll suggest ways to better your processes to be more efficient.

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What Pivotal Factors Have Lead Your Organization to the Realization That It's Finally Time to Implement a WMS?

CEO Eric Allais was recently featured in Industrial Distribution Magazine, discussing the top questions businesses should ask to ensure a new warehouse management system (WMS) will meet their needs.

Excellent information for anyone considering adding or upgrading a WMS to their operations.