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"Latitude has drastically increased our inventory accuracy.  Pre-Latitude, we were operating with 40-50% accuracy levels, we are now reaching inventory control levels to the 98th percentile.  With Latitude, our operating costs have decreased, and our efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability have all increased.  Latitude has given us the ability to grow our business."

Mark Yomogida, Corporate VP
General Pool & Spa Supply
Rancho Cordova, CA

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Plugged In

BC electrical supplies distributor EB Horsman & Son needed a new way to manage its DC. With help from an ERP-WMS one-two punch, it increased pick productivity by nearly 200 percent without having to expand its 20,000 sq ft facility.

By Deborah Aarts

When you've been in the electrical business as long as EB Horsman & Son, you come to appreciate the importance of technology.

Since 1900, the company has grown into the largest independent electrical supplies distributor in Western Canada. It runs 16 branches across British Columbia, serviced by a 20,000 sq ft distribution centre in Surrey.

The building is small but busy. The company ships product to every branch every day by truck, using a number of carriers (via ferry for its four branches on Vancouver Island). This translates to some $80 million worth of product-most of which is low-value items like bulbs, fixtures and switches-passing through the facility annually.

Such an operational model depends on quick and accurate replenishment. Recently, with business growing, the company had to decide how to maintain its own high shipping standards: either expand its physical footprint or make better use of the space at hand.

It chose to stay put and looked to new software to recharge the facility.

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