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"PathGuide walks their talk. They provide the kind of intimate, stellar service that you just don't find nowadays."

Todd Keeney, VP of Operations
Omni Services
Worcester, MA

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Top 3 Money-Sucking Warehouse Problems

MoneyDrainDoes your warehouse earn you money? Or lose it? Your distribution center should serve as the crux of your business, but many DCs end up being a money drain, rather than a money-maker.

Customer Complaints

How much time do you spend trying to assuage the anger of customers who are complaining, yet again, of a botched shipment? Whether you’re sending the wrong quantities or the wrong product, every mistake costs your warehouse money in lost productivity. What if you were able to ship your products accurately 97% of the time (or better)?

Vendor Mistakes

Your Purchasing department must love the paper-based system you use to send notes about receiving discrepancies. Calling vendors, verifying orders, demanding refunds or rapid corrections – hey, this is what your customers go through every time you send THEM the wrong color of caulking, right? Spending hours righting an incorrect order – what if that was all automated?

Inaccurate Inventory

You believed you had 3,000 feet of copper wire in stock, but it turns out that you only had 2,200. Now it’s on back order and you have to explain to a major home builder that you won’t be able to supply what you promised. The good news is that it turns out that you have three extra bins of screw nails (your last inventory count only showed 150 in stock, so you re-ordered), so you’ll probably never run short on those. Imagine what life would be like if you actually knew exactly what your warehouse contained?

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you? Unhappy customers, flaky vendors, miscounted inventory? Surely these money-sucking mistakes can be prevented.

At PathGuide, we know they can, because we've seen firsthand how our customers embrace our technology to empower themselves, and their employees. Taking advantage of both basic and advanced warehouse management features, PathGuide customers have turned chaotic distribution centers into well-organized enterprises. From receiving and picking and shipping, to truck route management, advanced slotting capabilities, and serial number/lot control, WMS technology can prevent the flow of money down the warehouse drain.