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"As a result of installing Latitude, we have been able to increase our inventory accuracy to 98% without adding labor.   We have also seen an improvement with customer satisfaction and an increase in profitability."

Jennifer Arndt, CFO
S.L. Fusco
Rancho Dominguez, CA

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PathGuide's Latitude User Conference Recap

Attendees Tackle Economic Downturn by Addressing Performance Metrics

SEATTLE - June 1, 2009 - PathGuide Technologies, a leading provider of warehouse management systems (WMS) for wholesale and industrial distributors, today highlighted distributors' need to focus on warehouse performance metrics as illustrated by lively discussions at PathGuide's recent Latitude User Conference. Leading distributors in fields like electrical, plumbing and hardware, and logistics industry experts addressed this need during hands-on test-drives of PathGuide's Latitude WMS, one-on-one training courses, interactive breakout sessions and supply chain keynotes at the conference. Warehouse performance metrics gives distributors unrivaled insight into warehouse and employee productivity.

"The logistics industry, like all other industries, is undergoing a radical transformation during this economic downturn where the bottom line is paramount," said Rene' Jones conference keynote speaker, and founder and president of Total Logistics Solutions, Inc. - the only supply chain consulting company that focuses specifically on warehouses. "The Latitude User Conference provided an excellent platform to discuss what new infrastructure distributors need to adopt in order to excel during the downturn. Implementing warehouse metrics, specifically PathGuide's Latitude Warehouse Performance Metrics Module, is an integral ingredient that will differentiate distributor's customer service from their competitors."

Latitude WMS is PathGuide's flagship software suite that automates warehousing and distribution to provide real-time online information about inventory. PathGuide's new Latitude Warehouse Metrics module enables users to easily create reports and charts on-demand to gain insight into warehouse and employee productivity. The module automatically tracks employee and warehouse performance, allowing users to compare the transaction speed and accuracy of employee groups (morning pickers, evening pickers, receiving, etc.) and operational organizations (east division, west division, etc.). An enhanced configuration wizard allows for simplified data entry and the creation of template reports and charts while a dashboard view (which automatically updates in real-time) provides users with a single location to access all of their most critical data.

"The chance to bring together leading companies and personalities in the warehouse logistics industry gave PathGuide a collective voice for what is and isn't working within the industry," said PathGuide CEO Eric Allais. "By providing training, education, hands-on experiences, networking opportunities and critical insights from well-known industry experts, attendees walked away with actionable ways to immediately impact the success of their companies."

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