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Oklahoma City, OK

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PathGuide Technologies Announces Latitude Version 9.0 Warehouse Management System

Suite Features New Warehouse Incident Tracking and Warehouse Performance Metrics Modules

SEATTLE - October 7, 2008 - PathGuide Technologies, a leading provider of warehouse management systems for wholesale and industrial distributors, today announced the immediate availability of its Latitude version 9.0 Warehouse Management System (WMS). Latitude 9.0 features new Incident Tracking and Warehouse Performance Metrics modules, Web tools designed to increase visibility into warehouse operations. These modules enable businesses to more efficiently track warehouse productivity and accuracy, ultimately providing powerful insight into a company's bottom line.

"The new modules in Latitude 9.0 give warehouse managers the tools and data they need to take a more active role in driving greater productivity and profitability for their companies," said Eric Allais, president and CEO of PathGuide Technologies. "Customers will find that these tools significantly increase their visibility and control over operations, allowing them to better manage processes and implement improvements."

Latitude 9.0 is a software suite that automates warehousing and distribution to provide real-time online information about inventory. Latitude automates all operations from receiving and order picking, to manifesting and truck route/stop management. It integrates seamlessly with major ERP business systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Activant, J.D. Edwards and Oracle. Customers -- primarily industrial/wholesale distributors serving manufacturers, contractors and retail stores -- rely on Latitude to increase productivity, improve service and lower labor costs.

The new Latitude Warehouse Metrics module enables users to easily create reports and charts on-demand to gain insight into warehouse and employee productivity. The module tracks employee and warehouse performance in real-time, allowing users to compare performance of employee groups (morning pickers, evening pickers, receiving, etc.) and operational organizations (east division, west division, etc.). An enhanced configuration wizard allows for simplified data entry and the creation of template reports and charts while a dashboard view (which automatically updates in real-time) provides users with a single location to access all of their most critical data.

"The new metrics dashboard is very easy to use and customize, and it allows visibility to information that's just one click away," said John Cardin, IT Logistics Administrator at  "Individual employee performance, such as picking, can now be ranked among all employees doing similar tasks.  We can then use this information to change our workflow if needed, update benchmarks, and improve our team performance across the warehouse."

Latitude 9.0 also includes an optional Incident Tracking module for effectively managing and maintaining lists of warehouse issues, ensuring incidents are correctly and quickly resolved. The module allows users to create and track incidents such as receiving discrepancies, incorrect shipments, cycle count irregularities, inventory errors, and customer and vendor problems. With incident tracking, issues are assigned a priority level (low, medium and high), a user-assigned category, a user-assigned class (financial impact estimate) and an owner. Each incident includes a central repository for related information where notes can be added, documents and images attached, etc. Ongoing email alerts and a full audit history of actions taken keep warehouse managers up-to-date in real-time on the status of incidents.

For more information about the benefits and pricing options for Latitude 9, please contact PathGuide at 888-627-9797 or

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