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Greg Parker, Owner and Vice President
Appliance Parts Depot
Dallas, TX

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EricWhere to Invest in Uncertain Times

One "disaster," one bailout. It's a daily occurrence it seems. For every pundit who's saying "sell it all," others hold a longer horizon of optimism. You're either too big to fail and are feeding at the government trough, or have lived beyond your means as an individual and are awaiting entitlements from the taxpayers.

Managing risk in the stock market is game changing these days. Simple diversification in industry sectors, market cap (i.e. big company/small company), or geographic region is indeed a crapshoot at best if you want financial stability with any growth prospects at all. Might as well play the tables at Vegas.

Certainly I'm no broker, money expert, or fortune teller. But what if you could control the outcome of your investments with much more predictability than playing the market? As a distributor you're investing in inventory all the time of course. You forecast, buy, sell...rinse and repeat. You're building your business and the repeat business of your customers. Who better to put their money on the line, in their own business, than you?

 We hear the retrospective wisdom all the time from our customers: "Gee we should have deployed a warehouse management system in our company a long time ago." "If only we would have known," they say. Perhaps it's like a college research paper with a deadline. The hardest part about it, for most, is getting started. But once started, the warehouse management discipline begins to take on a life of its own. The adopters get on board, and the system grows based on customer needs and achieving greater productivity. Soon you've developed a practice that becomes part of your distribution core competency. It's self-perpetuating.

So when times are a bit rough, as the newsmakers and markets remind us, bet on yourself and what you know. Get lean and keep lean so you can take advantage of the next economic expansion. This leaning out, by necessity, will quickly expose where there's inefficiencies in your processes, the work flows throughout the warehouse, and the motivations among the rank and file. The good news here is there's work to be done. And when you have work these days, well...what could be better than that?

Thanks for your support,

 Eric Signature

Eric C. Allais

President and CEO