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"Order accuracy with Latitude is a key competitive advantage that helps us go up against the big guys and win. Many companies are great at talking, but PathGuide is great at listening and follow-through -- they deliver on their promises."

John Hanna, Director of Operations
Atlanta Dental Supply
Atlanta, GA

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When Good Enough, Isn't

Eric From the Pres CasualSome say, "Any landing you walk away from is a good one."  Laughable isn't it?  Hopefully pilots and aircraft mechanics have a more professional and safe attitude about these things.  When your surgeon slices through the wrong piece of plumbing, maybe it's time to find another surgeon or find a good "slip and fall attorney."  What about "close enough for government work," as the saying goes?

Of course distribution is probably not subject to the worst case scenarios in flying souls around or undergoing a critical procedure from an incompetent medical practitioner. 

But what's the impact to your business when you're working with subpar technology?

When apathy rationalizes weak, patched together software, employees are limited to achieve only marginal results.  You can throw more training at the problem but then you're perpetuating the adoption of an inadequate or poorly designed tool set.  Now you're throwing good money after bad because you've come to believe that, for the money, this is as good as it gets. 

In manual warehouses for example, we've heard it said that software which can provide any improvement is after all, an improvement. But what if the "improvements" that were "sold" to you are actually setting you back?  Your well thought out process to pick, pack, and ship to selected customers, or branch transfers could be severely disrupted if you force-fit the wrong software to help manage this throughput more efficiently.

So often, software systems are left unchecked, or they're stitched together over time or users work around its shortcomings.  Use of the software becomes more of an encumbrance than getting the work out like you've always done it.  Not until the next CEO or VP gets an angry call from their customer does the financial reality of the buggered-up system become so visible.  And what a legacy that leaves for those who remain and are usually blamed and left behind to mop up.

The good news here is the pro-choice law software selection.   Choose wisely, choose well. Do you want to be good enough, or the best at what you do?  Your stakeholders are expecting great ROI, great user adoption and productivity.  But most importantly, you can retain customers and attract new ones.  In these tight times, the big boys continue to invest in their logistics infrastructure to keep the edge.  When the markets return, they'll be ready.  Question is, will you?

Thank you for your support,

Eric Signature

Eric Allais
President & CEO