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"Latitude has drastically increased our inventory accuracy.  Pre-Latitude, we were operating with 40-50% accuracy levels, we are now reaching inventory control levels to the 98th percentile.  With Latitude, our operating costs have decreased, and our efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability have all increased.  Latitude has given us the ability to grow our business."

Mark Yomogida, Corporate VP
General Pool & Spa Supply
Rancho Cordova, CA

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Death & Taxes a Sure Thing?  Maybe Not

Death.  I try not to think about it.  Taxes?  Well that's more complicated.

Awhile ago, before April 15th for sure, I filed my return.   I've done this annually without interruption since I was a teenager.   With my return, I wrote a check to Uncle Sam.  On with my life.  Or so I thought.  Time passes.  It's July now and Ericin the mail, a notice from the IRS.  "Can't be good," I thought.   How did I know I would be right about that?  The "friendly" IRS tells me that they stopped in the middle of processing my return.  Apparently I forgot to record something in my favor.  However on further review, they've suggested I needed to submit yet another schedule for additional taxes I might owe.  And by the way, they said I need to send the completed schedule within 10 days.  So accommodating they are.

After some rough hand calculations it appeared that I owed the IRS a whopping bill.  Not much sleep was had that night for sure.  In the a.m. and out of the fog, I thought perhaps it was time to invest in a real CPA who would come to my rescue.  Well he did.  After manipulating my numbers again, (funny how accountants can easily do that) it appeared the IRS owed me money.  With the amended return completed by my CPA, the certified mail was on its way to the tax collector.  Time passes.  September comes and in the mail is a notice that the IRS owes me twice the refund that my accountant requested on my behalf.   

On learning this, my tax advisor tells me that most likely my original return and amended return have passed through the dark halls of the IRS like ships in the night.  The right and left hands have not yet been introduced.  The good news he says is that I probably don't owe the IRS, but adds, "don't count your chickens..."  So much for controls I thought.  And to think the IRS doesn't have to deal with physical objects in their operation, just the "simple tax code."  I am glad I consulted with an expert the second time around!

Speaking of expertise, the Latitude User Conference kicks off next month in San Diego, October 3-5.  This conference is built for you, according to the feedback that you, the Latitude expert, has provided to us.  Attendees are promised huge value in getting core and advanced training on the Latitude WMS.   Users can learn first-hand about the breakthrough successes companies are achieving in their warehouse operations. 

While you're there, see the latest innovations from the two largest bar code manufacturers in the business:  Intermec and Motorola.  Factory experts will be on hand to showcase the latest devices in our Technology center.  Also the Latitude Advisory Board (LAB), a cast of 7 power users, will lead a forum to solicit your thoughts and ideas about where you need Latitude to expand.   The LAB provides a sounding board to help drive the Latitude roadmap for developing software updates, new modules and their use across many enterprise platforms including Activant, Oracle/JD Edwards, SAP, Dynamics and others.

To continue leveraging your investment in Latitude, why not invest in yourself and bring back more value, more expertise to your company by networking with others users and getting face time with the PathGuide team?  Besides it's more fun and predictable than sorting out your taxes with the IRS.

To Your Success!

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Eric C. Allais