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"Not only does Latitude do everything for Eldorado they were told it would do, but we have a knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping our customers be successful.  Everyone [at PathGuide] is accessible and most importantly responsive.  Eldorado’s conversion to Latitude was the most enjoyable software implementation like no other."  

Douglas Hunter, Warehouse Operations Manager
Eldorado Trading Company
Broomfield, CO


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Manifest Destiny

PathGuide's New Latitude 8.0 Manifest System

DC Velocity

March 2008

PathGuide Technologies, a supplier of warehouse management systems for wholesale and industrial distributors, has released the PathGuide Latitude 8.0 Manifesting Module. The Manifesting Module is part of the PathGuide Latitude Warehouse Management System, a software suite that automates warehousing and distribution. With the manifesting module, small and mid-sized distributors can automate and easily control all aspects of the shipping process for faster, more accurate shipping and lower shipping costs. The new module has been certified by UPS as a UPS Ready solution.

The Latitude Manifesting Module integrates with scales and scanners to weigh items and automatically calculate freight based on the shipping location, priority, and package size. The module also integrates with in-line sortation systems and print-and-apply systems to automate printing of all carrier-required shipping labels and documentation. A financial calculator determines fuel service charges, compares parcel insurance alternatives to find the best price, and includes a configurable handling charge feature. In addition, the module supports multiple billing types, such as prepaid, third party, and COD.

Other features include the ability to provide a variety of standard and custom reports, as well as e-mail notifications to customers when an order is shipped. The module supports an unlimited number of users so that anyone with authorized access to the company intranet can initiate a shipment.

From the March 2008 issue of DC Velocity