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Todd Keeney, VP of Operations
Omni Services
Worcester, MA

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Articles & Press Releases

ExploreWMS Picks Up Cycle Counting Article
The goal of cycle counting is to methodically work through the entire warehouse inventory on a continuous and far more manageable basis - but, it's not just about inventory accuracy. April 10, 2018

MMH Likes the Way We Think About Fueling Warehouse Productivty
Working in a warehouse isn’t easy. The work is physically taxing, but that doesn't mean your warehouse workers don't want fairness and accountability. Here are some concrete steps that any company can take to combat unmotivated employees and warehouse inefficiencies, resulting in more profit to your business. March 9, 2018

EBN Article Explains How to Take Back Control of Shipping Costs
Most large carriers are now utilizing a complex, dimension-based pricing model that increases shipping costs that aren't always easy to calculate. Learn what two distributors did to take back control of their shipping costs. February 26, 2018

Supply Chain Podcasters Add WMS to Their List of Topics
Hosts Sarah Barnes and Nick Garret of 2 Babes Talks Supply Chain interview Mark Van Leeuwen about all things WMS, as well as how to identify a bullet-proof partner. October 31, 2017

October Issue of Inbound Logistics Publishes Cloud-Based WMS Article
The words "low cost" may be quite appealing if you're seriously considering a cloud-based WMS, but it's always important to read the fine print when considering the right solution. October 23, 2017

e-Fulfillment Article Gets Picked Up by Two Publications
When it comes to e-Fulfillment, choosing a flexible and scalable WMS solution is the first step on the path to successfully growing your operations and your brand. October 19, 2017

IndustryWeek Publishes Article Written by PathGuide's Founder and Chairman
Automation in the Warehouse: Asset or Obstacle? David Allais, founder and chairman of PathGuide Technologies, takes an objective approach to this growing industry trend. July 13, 2017

EBN Features "Build vs. Buy?" Blog Piece
Although you may have the resources to build your own WMS, is it the right thing to do - or are your efforts better focused elsewhere? This piece considers both arguments. July 3, 2017

PathGuide's Latitude WMS Makes Top 5 Vendor Shortlist
Choosing the right WMS isn't something to take lightly, but that doesn't mean it should overwhelm you either. ExploreWMS names five WMS vendors to put on your shortlist, including PathGuide's Latitude WMS. June 20, 2017

WMS Does Not Mean "Warehouse Made Simple"
Keeping a tight rein on the implementation process is challenging, but this is where your WMS vendor can become your best ally. April 2017

Latitude WMS in this Week's Network World New Products of the Week
Network World publishes products slideshow, featuring a roundup of intriguing new things - including the latest features and enhancements in PathGuide's flagship product, Latitude WMS. April 24, 2017

Press Release: PathGuide Technologies Adds More Metrics Tools and Bulk Order Management to its Latitude WMS
PathGuide announced new and enhanced features to its flagship product, Latitude WMS, including customer-specific packing slips and bulk order management, in conjunction with opening registration for its Latitude User Conference this September in Seattle. April 19, 2017

McLendon Hardware Modernizes Warehouse Operations with Latitude WMS
McLendon's needed to streamline its warehouse operations to better serve customers. Latitude WMS made it easy to go from clipboards and paper-based notes, to a clean and organized warehouse. April 14, 2017

WMS Selection Tips Article Adds Greater Precision When Selecting Software
PathGuide's President & CEO offers a couple of great pointers to help make the WMS software selection process much less painful. March 22, 2017

MMH Publishes Case Study on PathGuide Customer, PaulB Wholesale
PaulB retired and replaced their legacy system with Latitude WMS because they needed additional granularity for its particular fulfillment center model, which they accomplished, among other things! December 14, 2016

PathGuide's 2017 Industry Predictions Article Gets Picked Up by EBN Magazine
Eric Allais uses his schema to weigh in on where the supply chain industry may be headed in 2017. December 1, 2016

Press Release: PathGuide and QubeVu Power Cascade Orthopedic Supply’s Award at PARCEL Forum 2016
Cascade Orthopedic was chosen as PARCEL Forum's Game Changer of the Year for its successful deployment of PathGuide’s Latitude Manifest and Shipping System, together with QubeVu's dimensioning solution. September 13, 2016

Industrial Distribution Publishes "6 Signs" Article by Eric Allais
If your WMS allows you to keep pace with today's demands and positions you to scale with your business, you're probably in pretty good shape. Industrial Distribution just published an article written by PathGuide's president and CEO that speaks to the "6 Signs You've Outgrown Your WMS". September 12, 2016

Article in EBN Online Plays to the Strengths of Using the Right WMS for Cut Item Management
President and CEO of PathGuide, Eric Allais, explains how shifting the burden to the right WMS for cut item management can save time, money and headaches. August 17, 2016

Greg Laycock Weighs in on Recent MMH Article
Greg Laycock, Vice President, Research and Development at PathGuide Technologies highlights how Latitude's Inbound Transportation Module is just one example of how WMS and TMS providers are offering more options to help customers measure and track dock scheduling. August 1, 2016

PathGuide Attends Cisco's Annual Partner Appreciation Event
PathGuide joins Cisco Systems at their Partner Appreciation Event, held at Chihuly Garden & Glass in Seattle. June 8, 2016

Industrial Supply Magazine Publishes "Good Warehousekeeping" Article
There are many ways that a warehouse or distribution center benefits from keeping its facilities organized and clean. PathGuide's Eric Allais explains why disorganized warehouses are bad for business. June 6, 2016

Press Release: PathGuide Technologies Offers Inbound Transportation Management Module for Its Latitude Warehouse Management System
PathGuide announced the availability of a new inbound transportation and dock scheduling module that integrates seamlessly with the company's Latitude WMS. Developed in conjunction with several Latitude users, the ITM module provides dashboards and other tools that make it easy to automate inbound delivery scheduling and record-keeping for external carriers, while helping to better assign staff and equipment when and where they are needed. June 2, 2016

TUG (The User Group) Looks to PathGuide for Expert Opinion and Advice on WMS Selection Process
Upgrading your WMS doesn’t need to be complicated, as long as you plan for it and ask the right questions. Making the right decision for your company will create significant opportunities now, and in the future. May 5, 2016

Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine Publishes Great Article by Eric Allais
The benefits for deploying a WMS may seem pretty obvious to most, but what about the other equally compelling reasons you don't hear much about? PathGuide's President and CEO gives whole new insight that will solidify any deployment decision. April 26, 2016

Inbound Logistics Picks Up "Two Key Factors Drive WMS Adoption Today"
Read what Eric Allais, President & CEO of PathGuide Technologies, has to say about the motivation behind WMS adoption for many of today's warehouse distribution center decision makers. April 1, 2016

PathGuide's Latitude WMS Serves Up a Buffett of Benefits to Jensen Distribution Services
When an outdated warehouse management system (WMS) was putting a dent in the workflow at Jensen Distribution Services, it turned to PathGuide's Latitude WMS to grow its e-commerce business. March 23, 2016

Eric Allais Contributes Another Great Piece to EBN Online
Deploying a WMS doesn't need to be a complex undertaking if you use ROI: Rationale, Organization and Initiative. Read Eric's latest contribution to EBN's blog. March 14, 2016

Business Solutions Magazine Cites Recent Blog Post by PathGuide's President & CEO
A contributing writer to Business Solutions Magazine cites PathGuide's President & CEO's blog post in EBN Magazine in an article on "How to Emphasize ROI of a WMS to Clients". January 20, 2016

Part 2 - Calculating the ROI of Your WMS
Eric Allais, President & CEO of PathGuide Technologies and new contributor to EBN Online, had his follow-up piece to "5 Measurable Benefits that a WMS Delivers" published today. January 4, 2016

PathGuide's President & CEO Discusses the Measurable Benefits of a WMS
EBN's newest regular contributor, Eric Allais, was recently featured in EBN Online for an ROI-centric piece about the measureable benefits of a WMS. The article is a two-part series. December 31, 2015

Failing To Plan For Your WMS Implementation Is Like Planning To Fail
PathGuide's Implementation and Training Manager describes how proper preparation and planning, coupled with the right WMS vendor, will produce a successful implentation and meet everyone's expectations. December 18, 2015

Press Release: PathGuide Technologies Announces 2016 Latitude User Conference
PathGuide today announced that Early Bird Registration is now open for their 2016 Latitude User Conference. This is a popular event that introduces new features to PathGuide's Latitude WMS, with hands-on training from power users and experts. November 19, 2015

Fisheries Supply Keeps Customers Hooked with PathGuide’s WMS
Rising concerns about inaccurate orders led Fisheries Supply in their search to find and implement Latitude WMS. They implemented using a phased-in strategy that began with the receiving process. November 18, 2015

Vendor Managed Inventory Helps Canadian Distributors Improve Customer Service, Retain Existing Business and Grow Market Share
A great follow-up piece and example of how PathGuide continues to build trust and momentum in Canada by helping distributors achieve success through vendor managed inventory. This article was written by Eric Allais and does a great job of differentiating the three most common forms of VMI deployment in use today. November 16, 2015

Press Release: PathGuide Technologies Builds Market Momentum in Canada
PathGuide today announced a significant addition to its customer roster in Canada. Tompkins Industries, a leading supplier of hydraulic connectors and related products for more than four decades, recently selected PathGuide’s Latitude WMS for deployment – yet another indicator of PathGuide’s accelerated growth and momentum in Canada. November 12, 2015

Industrial Supply Features PathGuide's "Get Smart" Article
PathGuide's President and CEO reveals how progressive distributors have transformed their fulfillment operations by investing in a solid WMS and what it's meant for the customer's experience. November 6, 2015

PathGuide's Director of Sales Engineering Featured in Modern Materials Handling
PathGuide's Director of Sales Engineering contributes first-hand insight for a newly published slotting article in Modern Materials Handling. October 12, 2015

Latitude WMS Platform Boosts Distribution Efficiency for C-A-L Ranch
Fierce Retail IT posts PathGuide's most recent case study. July 22, 2015

Modern Materials Handling Picks Up an Article Written by PathGuide's CEO Eric Allais
A new article entitled, "Is It Time For a WMS? Top Three Questions to Ask" written by PathGuide's Eric Allais was just picked up by Modern Materials Handling for their Blog Section. July 14, 2015

PathGuide's CEO Recently Featured in Industrial Distribution Magazine
Eric Allais was recently featured in Industrial Distribution Magazine, discussing the top questions businesses should ask to ensure a new Warehouse Management System will meet their needs. June 11, 2015

PathGuide Attends Cisco's Partner Appreciation Event
PathGuide joins Cisco Systems at their Partner Appreciation Event held in Seattle. May 27, 2015

PathGuide Awarded FedEx Compatible Platinum Solution Provider Status
PathGuide was just awarded with Platinum Solution Provider Status for 2015. February 2, 2015

Warehouse Champion Interview: Douglas Hunter
Douglas Hunter of Eldorado Trading Company is an excellent example of what we call a Warehouse Champion. November 25, 2014

The 7 Critical Traits of a Warehouse Champion
Review the 7 Traits of a Warehouse Project Manager and what is needed to oversee the implementation of a WMS? Become your company’s Warehouse Champion! November 19, 2014

In the News: PathGuide Wraps Up Annual User Conference
Executives and Directors from mid- to large- distribution companies shared strategies and insight into how warehouse management technology helps to grow their operations. October 22, 2014

In the News: PathGuide To Hold User Conference For Distributors
PathGuide is taking an original approach to its Latitude User Conference on September 21-23. While the developers of warehouse management systems will have a schedule of events and keynote speakers, PathGuide is also planning to use attendee networking as one of the key features of the event. August 12, 2014

The 7 Fundamentals of Successful Warehousing
Discover the top 7 ways to reach warehouse operational excellence. March 2014

Good Warehousekeeping
4 Reasons you need Good Warehousekeeping, which means your warehouse is without hazards, void of clutter, organized and clean which will benefit your bottom line. June 20, 2013

Supply Chain Innovations from PathGuide Technologies
New NAED Allied Partner provides tools that enhance the warehouse operations to maximize the bottom line

9 Qualities To Look For in a Warehouse Management System
9 qualities to look for in a good WMS is difficult at best. Finding the right warehouse management system for the requirements in your business is tricky May 9, 2013

PathGuide's Feature-rich WMS Under One Roof
Today’s feature-rich warehouse management systems not only track events occurring within the warehouse, but also link to systems beyond its walls. March 1, 2013

The 6 Challenges Facing Your Warehouse
Modern Warehouse Challenges you must understand in today's market. See the 6 major challenges to improve your profits. April 5, 2012

Top Three Money-Sucking Warehouse Problems
Does your warehouse earn you money? Or lose it? The top three reasons your warehouse may be throwing money down the drain. March 2012

From The President: Embrace Technology
The best warehouses embrace new technology. Don't fear change. August 11, 2011

Economic Stimulus Act Extended - Business Incentives 2010
Big changes for 2010 - Increased Capital Purchases Write-off with Bonus Depreciation October 26, 2010

From The President - Death & Taxes a Sure Thing? Maybe Not.
Want to save money and time? Go see and expert. September 22, 2010

Latitude Vendor Managed Inventory VMI EB Horsman
E.B. Horsman deploys PathGuide's VMI to efficiently manage customer inventory replenishment levels and better control internal costs. September 16, 2010

Susan Robinson Joins PathGuide LAB
PathGuide Technologies is collaborating with industry executives from across the U.S. and Canada to help shape our solutions roadmap! August 11, 2010

From The President - In Business? Make it Easy on Your Customers
Do you know what goes on behind the scenes when a customer orders from you? May 15, 2010

PathGuide's Warehouse Management System Rolled Out at Jensen Distribution
After thorough investigation and lots of testing, Jensen Distribution Services, decided upon PathGuide’s Latitude Warehouse Management System to help upgrade their warehouse technology, improve performance and efficiency, and boost their customer service capabilities. May 13, 2010

PathGuide Technologies Establishes Latitude Advisory Board to Leverage Expertise of Respected Distribution Executives
Industry executives from across the U.S. and Canada help PathGuide shape its roadmap for delivering warehouse management system solutions. May 11th, 2010

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: Royal Products Leverages PathGuide WMS to Ensure the Customer Is King
Manufacturer uses Latitude warehouse management system from PathGuide to drive dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction March 2010

Cycle Counting - How to Avoid Year-End Physical Inventory
February 11, 2010

A Clean Warehouse Saves You Money
PathGuide's Warehouse Management Tips & Tricks Series January 14, 2010

From the President - Customer Service Starts with the Right Answers
Saving your customers from unnecessary aggravation. January 5, 2010

Economic Stimulus Act Extended - Business Incentives
December 15, 2009

PathGuide Chairman Dr. David Allais Receives University of Arizona Lifetime Achievement Award
College of Engineering honors Allais for his early development of bar coding and automatic identification and data capture technology October 16th, 2009

From The President - When Good Enough, Isn't
What's the impact to your business when you're working with subpar technology? September 30th, 2009

Warehouse Metrics - A Tool For the Times
By motivating employees, jobs become more fulfilling and consequently improves attendance, increases productivity and eliminates errors. September 25th, 2009

Integrating WMS with ERP
Choosing the WMS solution that provides your business with the greatest ROI. Sepember 25th, 2009

Modern Materials Handling
Warehouse management: Industry report on warehouse operations

Warehouse management: Industry report on warehouse operations and automation. September 9th, 2009

From the President - What Better Time to Encourage Productivity?
Give positive feedback to those who have the last chance to get the shipment correct. June 2, 2009

PathGuide's Latitude User Conference Recap
Attendees Tackle Economic Downturn by Addressing Performance Metrics June 1, 2009

Supply chain software: Getting more from your WMS
Leverage your existing warehouse investment by adding NEW functionality to your WMS. May 1st, 2009

An Operational Obsession
To set itself apart in the British Columbia market, E.B. Horsman & Son focuses on operational excellence grounded in warehouse management. May 1st, 2009

PathGuide Technologies Turns 20 Years Old WMS
Leading provider of WMS hits major milestone with record sales April 28th, 2009

The Unlucky 13 of Warehouse Inefficiencies
Secrets to weathering an anticipated prolonged downturn lies in combating inefficiencies. April 17th, 2009

Warehouse Metrics That Improve Performance
No matter how much you automate your distribution center, you will always need people to run the operation - If you want to make improvements in the DC, you need to focus on optimizing those human processes. April 1, 2009

PathGuide Announces 8th Annual Latitude WMS User Conference
This year’s event will emphasize how to succeed during the economic downturn and feature a new format which will include one-on-one training sessions. Highlighting the event will be a keynote from renowned supply chain expert Jim Tompkins on the topic “How to be Successful When the Business World is Failing.” March 31, 2009

Materials Management & Distributing:Plugged In
BC electrical supplies distributor EB Horsman & Son needed a new way to manage its DC. With help from an ERP-WMS one-two punch, it increased pick productivity by nearly 200 percent without having to expand its 20,000sqf facility. Deborah Aarts explains. March 30th, 2009

PathGuide Technologies CEO Named a “2009 Pro to Know” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine
Eric Allais recognized for leadership in warehouse efficiencies during economic downturn March 24, 2009

From the President - Where to Invest in Uncertain Times
The market is unpredictable. Your business strategy shouldn't be. February 25, 2009

ebizQ BI in Action Blog:
The Warehouse: Where Much Business Intelligence is Stored

By Michael Dortch
Synq Solutions improves customer satisfaction and employee productivity, while enjoying estimated cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. February 6th, 2009

PathGuide Reports Record Annual And Monthly Revenue
Revenue figures exceed all others in the company’s 19-plus year history February 5th, 2009

Stores Magazine:
Warehouse management system helps McLendon Hardware herd its SKUs

by M.V. Greene
McLendon Hardware adopts the Latitude WMS, ensuring operational efficiency. February 2nd, 2009

PathGuide WMS Rids Customers of Annual Inventory Checks Prompting New Year Celebrations
Cycle Count Planning module saves companies time and money by eliminating annual audits December 3, 2008

Supply & Demand Chain Executive:
Warehouse Management System to Provide Insight for Becker Electric Supply

By Editorial Staff
Counter solution functionality of PathGuide Technologies' Latitude 9.0 made it top choice for the independent distributor. November 14, 2008

From the President - Cluttered Warehouses
Cluttered Warehouses - Spring Cleaning in the Fall November 13, 2008

Becker Electric Supply Selects PathGuide Technologies Warehouse Management System
Becker Chooses Latitude 9.0 less than a month after product’s availability October 22, 2008

PathGuide Latitude Version 9.0 Warehouse Management System
New Incident Tracking and Metrics Modules in Latitude WMS 9.0 October 7, 2008

Supply & Demand Chain:
Laying the Foundation for Continuous Improvement in the DC

By Andrew K. Reese
Atlanta Dental Supply discovered that the end of its warehouse management system deployment was just the start of its improvement journey September 29, 2008

Tech Talk: Warehouse Management System Aids Hardware Firm
By Elizabeth Wasserman
A chain of hardware stores in Washington state improved inventory accuracy and reduced "out of stocks" at stores after deploying radio frequency barcode reading equipment as part of a new warehouse management system (WMS). August 8, 2008

PathGuide Technologies Receives 100 Great Supply Chain Partners Award
Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies Magazine Recognizes Vendors with Well-Established, High Impact Customer Relationships August 5, 2008

PathGuide Technologies Recognized for Innovation by Supply & Demand Chain Executive
Leading Business Magazine Presents Annual "100" List of Leading Supply and Demand Chain Vendors August 1, 2008

PathGuide Technologies Launches New Corporate Website
Site delivers industry resources for increasing operational efficiencies and profitability August 1, 2008

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies:
Tile City Says Good-bye to Paper with Latitude WMS

After reviewing various competitive offerings, Tile City chose to make the leap to automation with the Latitude Warehouse Management System from PathGuide Technologies July 2008

Latitude WMS Users Conference
PathGuide will host its 7th annual Latitude Users Conference in Seattle, May 14-15, 2008 March 31, 2008

Eric Allais Named a 2008 “Pro to Know!"
PathGuide Technologies CEO Named a 2008 “Pro to Know” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive March 19, 2008

From The President - Weakened Economies
Weakened Economies Demand Strong Warehouses March 2008

DC Velocity:
Manifest Destiny

Certified as a UPS Ready™ solution by the United Parcel Service, Latitude’s new Manifesting Software offers faster and more accurate shipping! March 3, 2008

Progressive Distributor:
Pickin' and Grinnin'

Pick productivity at C.C. Dickson Co. jumped 340 percent with a warehouse management system January/February, 2008

PathGuide Technologies Debuts Latitude 8.0 Manifesting Module
UPS ReadyTM Solution Automates Shipping Process for Small and Mid-sized Distributors January 14, 2008

TED Magazine:
Ordeal or No Deal

By Douglas Graham
Tips to help take the pain out of annual inventory audits January 3, 2008

Tracking Inventory at Touch of a Key - Seattle Times
What makes us unique is our ability to address the business issues that impact distribution issues. December 3, 2007

Slotting for Small and Mid-sized Distributors
In a typical warehouse or distribution center, employees spend a large amount of time each day traveling back and forth across the floor unloading, stocking and picking. Reducing this travel time can result in increased pick productivity, faster shipping times, and substantial labor cost savings for the company. October 17, 2007

Inbound Logistics:
Creating Calm from Chaos

by Merrill Douglas
By automating and reorganizing its warehouse, Red-L Distributors cuts costs and creates a cleaner, safer, less frantic work environment. October 2007

Modern Distribution Management:
Weighing the Cost of a WMS

Lorenz & Jones, a marine supplies distributor, implemented a Warehouse Management System at its single warehouse, significantly cutting shipping errors and improving data collection and sales trend analysis. September 10, 2007

WMS Slotting for Increased Productivity and Profitability
The new Slotting Module allows small to mid-sized distributors to benefit from the increased pick productivity, improved warehouse safety, and maximized inventory efficiencies traditionally reserved for large-scale warehouse management installations. September 1, 2007

PathGuide Gains Momentum with Electrical Distributors
Electrical distributors J.H. Larson, Viking Electric (a subsidiary of Sonepar USA), and E.B. Horsman & Son have selected the PathGuide Latitude Warehouse Management System to automate operations for greater productivity and efficiency. July 17, 2007

Tenacious Customers Sustain PathGuide’s Competitive Edge
We’re delighted at the record attendance at our 5th annual Latitude User Conference in Chicago this month. PathGuide customers represented a wide cross section of wholesale distribution -- spanning the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. We appreciate the vote of confidence. May 31, 2006

PathGuide Names Eric Allais as President and CEO
PathGuide's board of directors today promoted Eric Allais, VP Marketing/Sales to President & CEO. April 3, 2006

PathGuide Extends New 5-Year Partner Agreement With Prophet 21
PathGuide has extended their long term contractual partnership agreement with Prophet 21 into another five years. January 5, 2005

Shrink Your Shipping Costs with a WMS Manifest System