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"PathGuide walks their talk. They provide the kind of intimate, stellar service that you just don't find nowadays."

Todd Keeney, VP of Operations
Omni Services
Worcester, MA

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Summer, 2008

  Latitude Practice: Inspiring Excellence in Warehouse Automation Vol. 5  
New Client Graphic July 2008


Latitude WMS extends Activant Eagle for Greater Inventory Accuracy and Control
McLendon Hardware, family owned and operated since it began, relies on technology such as the PathGuide's Latitude Warehouse Management System (WMS) to not only survive, but thrive, against big box retail competitors.  
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Canada's Leading Independent Electrical Distributor Achieves Operational Excellence with Latitude WMS!
With 17 locations, E.B. Horsman's mission is to be the electrical distributor of choice offering the best people, product and service in the industry. A key strategy for accomplishing this mission is the pursuit of operational excellence.  
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Good-bye to Paper with PathGuide's Latitude WMS
Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies
"As inventory grew and Tile City added more space, the warehouse became a paperwork nightmare," says Russ Raburn, Operations Manager. "We had a huge need to automate our processes and gain better inventory control." - After reviewing various competitive offerings, Tile City chose to make the leap to automation with the Latitude WMS.  
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Omni Services Continue its Drive to Do More with Less
As part of its growth strategy, Omni Services deployed PathGuide's Latitude Warehouse Management System (WMS). Since using Latitude, picking errors have been reduced by 44.2% and they have completely eliminated their year-end physical inventory!  
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Trade Shows and Exhibits
P21 World Wide User Group
Denver, CO - Oct. 16-18, 2008
Denver Marriott City Center

Prophet21 WWUG

Latitude Users Conference
Dallas, TX - May 13-15, 2009 Stay tune for more details


PathGuide's New Site Coming Soon! PathGuide will debut a fresh, completely revamped website later this month. A key feature includes login and access to customer support services via the site. You'll also find tons of great information from product updates and practical tips to corporate news. We look forward to offering the new site as a way to keep you better connected and informed about PathGuide. Check out our new look later this month at

Latitude 9.0
Coming this September!
At this year's recent User Conference we were excited to give attendees a sneak peek at the new features in Latitude 9.0. The numerous enhancements to this new release, include:  

Warehouse Performance Metrics
On-demand access to your warehouse performance data extends visibility to warehouse activities.
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Warehouse Incident Tracking
Manage and maintain lists of warehouse issues - quickly and efficiently resolving each incident!
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Measure What Matters
"If it can't be measured, it's not important." How many times have we heard that? Or, "if it doesn't get done, it's not a priority." Fact is, without clear visibility and reliable information to show how well the warehouse is functioning, what you know is what you hear."  
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